Satnour Law Company.
Hod The Global Corp.
Horis Group

We create or modify brands that will be Rock Stars in their markets. Anyone who have not met with us, is behind you.


Design Solutions

“Lovely, Crazy and also remarkable designs. Our Design team is a little bit high.

We sometimes love them, but sometimes, maybe rarely, but we love them.

Mobile, Web or a Market Star to be game, We Design !


We love Linux and everything related to, Also we have a team that works on Windows that think Bill Gates is Rock Star. Therefore we can provide you unlimited ways to serve your projects.

Coding is our lifestyle, even on simple task, we write scripts that works for us.

If you want to be a coder ninja or customer, you should meet with us.


We are socialized geeks, awesome office and people. Marvel fans everywhere. So that 9gaggers, if you want to become one of us. Apply Right Now!


  • Crazy Enough to Work With
  • A Good Paintball Player
  • Turkish Republic Laws
  • Office Management
  • Team Managements

If you think you can handle/know all of these apply now!


Nope. We have enough. But You can give it a try.


We are looking for a intern!


We are seeking a Sr. PHP Developer! Apply Now !


They could have the army but we have Mete!


Work With Us

If you are crazy enough to join us. Give it a try, We love meeting new people or playing paintball.